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Secure Network Virtualization and Reduce Operational Costs with Software Defined Network (SDN)

Modern day enterprise networks have transformed the way we live, work and play and this change seems to be unrelenting. An estimated 8.4 billion linked devices will be connected in 2017, a rise of 31 percent from 2016, and will touch 20.4 billion by 2020, according to Gartner.

Also, a lot has been said about the rapid shift to Cloud computing and network virtualization spurring the growing demand for mobility and social collaboration. So I will dwell on why it’s important to ensure security and support of your network that connects various devices and keeps information and communications flowing.

For decades, organizations have depended on the core network to connect systems and facilitate the flow of information. In this perspective, imagine the challenges with an old and rigid network architecture – it would not only be difficult to scale but will be out of sync with contemporary Software Designed Network (SDN) and software defined data center.

SDN – Scalable, Adaptable, Predictable, Manageable

SDN symbolizes the next generation of network automation and agility. IDC predicts that the worldwide network revenue is expected to grow 3.5% to touch USD 43 billion in 2017. Clearly, this growth will be fuelled by software defined network that is not only seen as an agent for business innovation and agility; but it has evolved as a driver for exploring new opportunities for growth and innovation.

The Indian market is opening up to SDNs. Gartner has reported IT Infrastructure spend in India is expected to reach USD 2.2 billion in 2017, a 1.5 percent rise from 2016. In fact, enterprise networking is the largest segment poised for growth with revenue expected to peak at USD 1.1 billion in 2017.

The dilemma is that most company networks simply weren’t planned for this new business atmosphere. Most networks lack efficiency, are poorly utilized and require a great deal of manual handling that slows new development.

Having a network that is secure, integrated and agile to quickly adjust to rapidly evolving workload demands, flexibly and dynamically is an imperative requirement. And that’s what Proactive’s Software Defined Solutions are all about.

Monitoring Customer Experience and Business Performance

While security is crucial to prevent cyber attacks, protection is also an overriding factor for organizations to automate their networks without compromising customer experience and business performance.

This is where Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (API) distinguishes itself for an integrated approach to leveraging all of the data that flows through the network for gaining visibility that only the network can offer. The Cisco solution will help you automate IT workflows, develop programmable SDN framework, enforce the policy as well as deploy, scale, and move applications flawlessly across multiple hybrid data centers.

As digital services increasingly push business processes, Cloud technology is shaping to be a fundamental factor to the IT services offerings. To address this, Cisco CloudCenter (formerly CliQr) helps you to more safely deploy and manage applications in data center, private Cloud, and public cloud environments.

Building, Deploying, and Scaling

When it comes to planning, building, deploying and scaling, Proactive is uniquely poised with our Network Virtualization and Automation solutions to help you to change through innovation.

As a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, we work with you to know your business objectives. Then we put together a roadmap with a detailed plan to get you there.

Our team of Cisco specialists help you to confidently plan, deploy, and scale your new, protected and automated network. Leverage the expertise of a Proactive SDN expert who recognizes and understands the complexities of your multi-vendor network.

Recognized as Tier 1 Associate for Cisco SDN technology, we’re with you at every step of your software defined network – from preparedness assessment and designs to automation tools our solution includes Cisco Nexus switch, data center switches and application on routers to digitize your services delivery and support multi-vendor products.

Having executed some of the most complex projects, it is a matter of great pride that Proactive has been awarded Customer Satisfaction honour from Cisco year on year resulting in the bulk of our business coming from repeat contracts.

If you or your organization is looking for expert advice on getting started with SDN, get in touch, we’d be eager to help.


Hyperconverged Systems the Way Forward for Data Centers

The US government has shaved $3.6 billion dollars of its annual IT budget by focusing on cloud computing, data center convergence and other technology changes. Over half the savings have come from data center convergence alone.

Like the US government, corporate IT departments are quickly cottoning on to the many benefits of a converged data center. Companies that have already started on this journey report the following benefits.

  • Reduced Costs: A consolidated datacenter requires less hardware, draws less power and saves on IT personnel costs.
  • Increased Control: The architecture of a consolidated datacenter is more straightforward and easier to control. Traffic patterns and volumes are more visible and clearly defined.
  • Easier to Secure: With fewer sites to manage, security is easier and costs less. It also reduces the need to communicate between facilities, thereby increasing the effectiveness of information security.
  • Disaster Recovery: With all the vital components in a single physical location it becomes easier to plan and implement a disaster recovery solution.

Hyperconvergence: Simplifying Operations, Saving Cost

As companies look to consolidate their data center operations, Hyperconverged networks have emerged as one of the fastest growing concepts for deploying IT in data centers. It is so hot that Gartner expects it to go from zero in 2012 to a $5 billion market by 2019. At its most basic a hyperconverged network involves a single solution offering compute, storage, networking and virtualization – all managed through automated software.

Hyperconvergence delivers simplification and savings by consolidating all required functionality into a single infrastructure stack running on an expandable pool of resources. Hyperconvergence goes far beyond servers and storage and includes:

  • Data protection (backup and replication)
  • Dedpulication
  • Wide-area network optimization
  • Solid-state drive arrays
  • SSD cache arrays
  • Public cloud gateways

A hyperconverged network has significant benefits that include:

  • Commodity Hardware: Commodity hardware equals lower cost. Businesses can replace/add hardware at a much lower cost than possible with legacy data center systems.
  • Centralized Management: All components — compute, storage, backup to disk, cloud gateway functionality etc — are combined in a single shared resource pool. Regardless of how widespread physical resources are, hyperconverged systems handle them as though they were all sitting next to one another. Resources spread across multiple physical data centers are managed from a single, centralized interface.
  • Scalability: Hyperconvergence uses a scalable building-block approach that allows IT to expand by adding units. Granular scalability is one of the hallmarks of this infrastructure.
  • Lower cost: Hyperconverged systems have a lower cost of entry compared to integrated systems or legacy infrastructure.
  • Automation: With hyperconverged networks there is no need to create automated structures with hardware from different manufacturers or product lines. Everything is encapsulated in one environment. Resources are combined and centralized management tools are already in place.
  • Virtualization: Hyperconverged networks use virtual machines as the most basic construct of the environment.
  • Shared Resources: Hyperconvergence allows companies to deploy different kinds of applications in a single shared resource pool.
  • Data Protection: In a hyperconverged environment backup, recovery and disaster recovery are built in. They are part of the infrastructure, not third-party products that need to be integrated.
  • Single Vendor: Customers get one point of contact for the life of the system. From initial inquiry to system stand-down. Because hyperconverged systems are tested, customers have less need for pilot projects.

Cisco: Single Vendor for Hyperconvergence

Cisco has taken an early lead providing robust hyperconverged systems with the Cisco HyperFlex Systems. Cisco delivers flexible, scalable, enterprise-class hyperconverged solutions that smoothly integrate with an enterprises’ existing data center. The Cisco solution includes an integrated network fabric and data optimization capabilities that unlock the full potential of hyperconvergence for a wider range of workloads and use cases.

The Cisco HyperFlex Systems is the first hyperconverged platform that is designed as an end-to-end software-defined infrastructure. Cisco HyperFlex Systems support a broader range of applications and workloads in the data center, remote locations, and edge computing environments. This new generation extends the ease of hyperconverged system deployment, management and support beyond the central data center.

Proactive for Hyperconverged Systems

Proactive, with more than 21 years of IT implementation experience and a Cisco Tier 1 Recommended partner, is the right choice to help you implement the Cisco HyperFlex Systems at your data center.

Over the years we have achieved 100% on-time delivery of material at customer site. We have a network of service partners across the country to provide our customers 24*7 post-sales support from certified engineers. We are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.

We have been providing Cisco products to our customers since 2000. Proactive attained the Cisco Gold certification in 2014. Our engineers have attained the highest level of certifications for each of the Cisco technologies. We follow PPDIOO project guidelines, which help us complete projects on schedule.

So if you are looking at data center consolidation, click here, we can help you get there faster and more efficiently than any other vendor.