Cisco Meraki Cloud-Based Networking Solutions Save Time and Money

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How do you manage the networking needs of five mining sites; 200 employees and 750 contractors spread across Western Australia with a two member IT team based out of Perth? That was the unique challenge faced by Tim Irimies, IT manager of Saracen Mineral Holdings. The gold mining company required a solution to manage its far flung operations. At four of the five mining sites, Saracen has dwelling villages for its mining contractors. It is critical for the company to establish secure network connectivity between the mines to ensure consistent flow of information. Robust internet connectivity in the mines is also necessary to allow the miners and contractors to connect and communicate from their remote locations. Irimies, while searching for the right solution came across Cisco Meraki, a cloud networking solution.

The Meraki solution was just right for Saracen’s need as it could easily be installed on site by a non-technician. It also required the least number of resources to manage the network. In fact, the existing Saracen’s two member IT team could monitor and troubleshoot all the installations from their office in Perth. Cisco Meraki’s cloud-managed networking solutions allows Irimies to see what is happening with network devices, client devices and connections in real time, across all the Saracen properties. He uses location analytics to check network usage and set permissions across the various deployments. Being a cloud networking solution, Meraki Dashboard allows Irimies to troubleshoot remotely as well.

Cisco Meraki provides cloud networking solutions, wireless management, switching and security solutions. Furthermore, Cisco Meraki’s real-time communication protocols enable network administrators to manage networks from the cloud, without sacrificing control and responsiveness. The Cisco Meraki cloud service already powers over tens of thousands of networks and connects millions of devices. Network managers across all enterprises are therefore turning to Cisco Meraki solutions as they:

  • Provide reliable client connections
  • Can sustain rapid growth of wireless
  • Overcome physical challenges of a building’s architecture
  • Support sophisticated network policies
  • Reduce Network management overhead
  • Are easy to deploy
  • Can have pre-configured network and AP settings
  • Are Plug and play when physically configuring APs
  • Provide savings over traditional physical networks

Advantages of Cisco Meraki

Network administrators get to enjoy the tremendous benefits of plug and play, cloud networking when they deploy Cisco Meraki solutions. Some areas where Meraki scores over traditional networking solutions include:

  • Rapid implementation and easy management
  • Unified view of the entire network regardless of the location of end devices
  • Rapid detection of problem devices and its easy exchange
  • Operational costs saving on:
  • Training for IT employees
  • Deploying staff in case of diverse geographic locations
  • Software upgrade of network devices
  • Replacement of devices in case of error
  • Anytime, anywhere network access

The Meraki Edge for Enterprises

Companies that have deployed Cisco Meraki solutions have reported immediate cost savings over almost every aspect of network management:

  • 60 – 80% Savings: The most significant reduction of costs while deploying Cisco Meraki cloud-managed switches is in:
    • Staging and Deployment: Unlike command-based configurations Meraki cloud-managed switches, it is not necessary to pre-stage hardware.
    • Support: The Meraki Dashboard includes remote troubleshooting tools that are easy to access and understand.
    • Software revision management: Meraki switches securely upgrade via the cloud during a convenient time window, thus doing away with manual updates required by traditional networks.
    • Energy Consumption: Reducing power consumption through PoE energy budgeting and port scheduling features reduces the costs of running switches and devices like access points.
  • 40 – 60% Savings: By using the Meraki Dashboard, companies save significantly on
    • Network Monitoring and Maintenance: Locate devices, users, and troublesome spots in the network with the Meraki dashboard, even in remote locations.
    • Security: Meraki switches make wired security easy to manage and configure with network-wide access policies that can apply to thousands of switches and ports.

Proactive for implementing Cisco Meraki

Proactive, with more than 21 years of IT implementation experience and a Cisco Tier 1 Recommended partner, is the right choice to help you implement the Cisco Meraki solutions. We are a certified Cisco Meraki Solutions Provider, and has already implemented seven to eight Meraki solutions for large enterprises. The company has a complete team to handle large projects; these include trained professionals from project managers to Cisco Meraki Network associates (CMNA).