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Cisco Cloudlock

Cloudlock—The Ultimate Data Savior

Cloud allows you to use state-of-the -art infrastructure on pay as you use model. It frees you from all the management hassles. But, are you sure your precious data (read soul of the business) is safe being stored remotely in a distant database? The mere thought of vulnerability of data is scary and sends chills down the spine. Now, this doesn’t mean you should get off the cloud because a stress-free solution is right there to wipe out all worries. We’re talking about Cisco’s Cloudlock.

Let’s see how Cloudlock can set you free, easily:

Cloudlock lets you have total visibility into documents being used or shared with the people inside and outside of your organization. This puts you in a commanding position and forces the employees to be loyal and accountable to what they reveal and to whom. You can set exposure alert to the document repository and you get all the alerts in your inbox as soon as a document is shared or exposed.

This one feature of Cloudlock is strong enough to have it set up for your cloud security. But wait, there are many more benefits.

Controlling access

Leaving all your data open for the people to view is a dangerous practice. But you cannot force this on all your employees. It depends on their integrity. And just a single leak of information can cost you the business.

With Cisco Cloudlock, you can fix the access rights at every level easily. Documents that have business sales information or bidding details will not be visible to Engineering team. As a Cloudlock administrator, you can also audit sensitive document while having a complete audit trail of actions performed. Not only you save life, you also know who used the document and at what time.

Easy compliance

Auditing is an integral part of compliances and companies fail to provide satisfactory reports to the auditors when asked for. Cloud, for that matter, is very unsafe and can be tampered. But when this issue comes to the Cloudlock, you get tracked changes and tamper-proof auditing. Besides fool-proof security, you also have the entire audit trail that makes your business safe, robust, and transparent for all sort of compliances. Both internal credibility and external regulations become easy. And the benefit of mobility with the cloud is there as well.

Proactive blocking of threats

The famous adage a stitch in time saves nine is aptly suited here. The Cloudlock works much as a watchdog to take proactive measures to ensure damage is contained well before it starts to grow. Your network and endpoints are well shielded by Cisco Cloudlock. You can focus more on productivity rather than worrying about attacks.

Extended safeguarding

It simply removes blind spots and protects users anywhere they go, or access the internet. Your users are free to work and you are free of worries.

Safety for apps, data, and users

Cloudlock protects users, data, and applications in the cloud against compromised accounts, cloud-native threats, and data breaches. Cloudlock deploys a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) method that monitors the cloud data including sensitive information.

Why proactive?

Cisco’s Cloudlock is an easy interface but needs an expert for initial setup. And since the policies keep changing for good, you need a reliable partner who reaches out to you to keep your Cloudlock up to date, anytime. Since the information we are looking to protect is sensitive by all means, you cannot rely on anyone out there to set things up. Rather, get the best and accountable people like Proactive to deal with all the sensitivity and security.

Cisco Umbrella the Perfect Security for Cloud Computing

Is Cloud Computing Secure?

With countless benefits, cloud computing also brings some threats with it. These few threats are severe and could cost you everything. This does not mean you can get off the cloud computing bandwagon. Rather the need is to be watchful when you make cloud service provider’s selection. This risk can be mitigated up to some extent by using best cloud computing practices, but then since you cannot force all the members to be ethical and wary while logging on to foreign networks, you need something trustworthy and robust so that you can make the most of the cloud computing without the fear of any threat. Cisco Umbrella (formerly known as Cisco OpenDNS), is the solution!

Why Cisco Umbrella?

There can be many solutions. However, Cisco Umbrella which was earlier known as Cisco OpenDNS or OpenDNS Umbrella  is the chosen one by subject matter experts because it provides the first line of defense against any attack through a secure internet gateway in the cloud. Here are some categorized reasons in favor of Cisco Umbrella:

Proactive guards:

In order to block potential threats, the Cisco Umbrella makes use of the internet infrastructure. This blocking takes place well before the connection is established thus it acts proactively.

Round the clock vigilance:

The Cisco Umbrella stays vigilant round the clock even when the apps are not interacting with the network or users are offline. All the internet activities are monitored including ports, ends, and traffic movement.

Get going in minutes:

Cisco Umbrella is perhaps the most efficient security system that covers cloud and that too at a lightning speed. Getting started is easy and very fast. The reason is that it has all been set up already for you. As soon as you get on the security bandwagon of Cisco Umbrella, you get a web browser-based interface and with a few clicks, your security is deployed.

APIs for extended security:

API based integration provided by Cisco Umbrella further allows you to integrate the security with other applications thus making all your functional and non-functional data and code safe.

Centralized protection and control:

The Cisco Umbrella sets itself at a position from where it monitors each request in and out of the network. Thus, unless the packets marked for transfer are safe, they will not be allowed to go through.

Why should you have your own Cisco umbrella?

Your reasoning may be simple and self-convincing if you are looking to save on security. You have a small business and you believe that no hacker would be interested in barging into your network. This perhaps is the biggest misconception of today. Hackers do not care much about the size of the organization. And since the SMBs are a soft target for they do not deploy high security, they are easily victimized. A single successful or partially successful attack on your network can leave you in a position from where you would only fall. This is scary but this is the truth. Unless you can afford to lose your business, you should not wait for the boom-day.

Why Proactive?

Proactive is a proven industry leader when it comes to cloud computing. Being a service company, we begin by requirement analysis, move on with agile methodologies for design, development, and implementation, and then provide appropriate support to the customers. We are a Cisco Gold tier partner with ISO certification. Currently, we are catering to more than 253 prominent customers and many deals are lined up. Our round the clock support for customers is one of the USPs that set us apart from the competition. Now, since you understand the significance of being secure, get in touch with an expert team for Cisco Umbrella deployment. Your in-house engineers may be good but you need someone you can rely upon in case of any exigency. You can get in touch with leaders like Proactive who have a great reputation for being excellent on the job.