Advanced Malware Protection

Why is Advanced Malware Protection Essential?

With the endpoint invaders, commonly known as hackers, growing ever-more sophisticated, cyber-attacks have become unpleasantly common. Most of these attackers make use of malware to gain network access, steal data and jeopardize your organization’s reputation. Stats reveal the following:


Ransomware attacks occur every 40 seconds


evasion techniques are used per malware sample on average


million new unique pieces of malware were discovered last year


number of ramifications are arriving every day

Introducing Cisco AMP for Endpoints

14 integrated detection techniques
compared to 4 in competing products
20 billion threats blocked daily with Cisco AMP for endpoints
Cisco Amp for Endpoints
1.5 million unique malware samples analyzed daily by Cisco Talos

How Cisco AMP Provides the Best Malware Protection

AMP for endpoints offers you complete visibility and control, empowering and enabling you to defeat even the most advanced attacks. Cisco AMP is assisted by global threat intelligence, advanced sandboxing and real-time malware blocking to safeguard your network from any sort of breaches; even the most advanced ones.

Cisco believes that any organization cannot simply rely on the prevention of malware alone. This is where AMP races ahead of its competitors. It incessantly examines file activity across your extended network, which in turn helps you promptly detect the threats, contain them and eliminate them. While the industry standard time of threat detection rests at 100 Days, Cisco AMP does that in roughly 6 hours.

Some Key Features of Cisco AMP

Global Threat Intelligence

Global Threat Intelligence

Cisco has its own team of experts ‘Talos’ that is constantly analyzing millions of malware samples and terabytes of data every day. It enhances the intelligence of Cisco AMP and assists it in proactively shielding your network not just from known threats, but also emerging threats.

Advanced Sandboxing

Advanced Sandboxing

Cisco possesses a set of more than 700 behavioral indicators. These indicators help AMP reveal the stealthy threats as an analysis is performed automatically both in the static and dynamic state. As a result, your security engineers can understand and block such threats before they incur any harm.

Real Time Malware Detection

Real-Time Malware Detection and Blocking

Cisco AMP utilizes the stunning capabilities of AV detection engines, one-to-one signature matching, fuzzy fingerprinting and machine learning to detect both known and unknown malware in real time. It is a blazing fast process when compared to traditional detection used by several other providers.

Constant Analysis

Constant Analysis

The moment any malicious file penetrates your network, Cisco AMP begins analyzing and recording its activity irrespective of the file’s disposition. If any threat is triggered by the file later, a retrospective alert is pushed towards your security team notifying them the current location of the malware and the past activities. As a result, your team can remediate it immediately.

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