Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki operates the industry’s largest Cloud Networking services. It is the leader in managed wireless, switching & security solutions. The patented real-time communication protocols of Cisco Meraki enable administrators to manage networks from the cloud, without ever sacrificing control & responsiveness. Its cloud service powers over tens of thousands of networks worldwide and connects millions of different devices. Its cloud networking platform is trusted by thousands of IT professionals, from enterprises to hospitals, banks, and retailers to ensure data security in cloud computing.

Cisco Meraki Devices

Cisco Meraki Features an Easy Zero-Touch Installation and Configuration

Unbox and Plugin Cisco Meraki
Unbox and Plug-in the Meraki Device
Cisco Meraki Cloud
Connect Your Network to Cisco Meraki Cloud
Meraki Dashboard
Configure network for once & then manage network based Meraki Dashboard

The Cisco Meraki Cloud and Wireless Solution includes a complete, robust feature set, right out of the box. No additional purchase is required.


Cloud Managed Meraki Wireless LAN:

Features include:
Centralized Management
Multigigabit Ethernet
CMX Location Analytics
Application Visibility & Control
High Capacity 802.11ac
Automatic RF Optimization
Dedicated Security Radio
Identity-Based Firewall


  • MR18
  • MR32
  • MR42
  • MR52
  • MR53
  • MR62
  • MR66
  • MR72
  • MR84
  • Z1
Cloud Managed Security:

Feature includes:
Identity-Based Firewall
Intrusion Prevention
Auto VPN
Content Filtering
Advanced Malware Protection
High Availability & Failover
Application Visibility & Control
Centralized Management

  • MX64
  • MX64W
  • MX65
  • MX65W
  • MX84
  • MX100
  • MX400
  • MX600
Cloud Managed Meraki Switches:

Feature includes:
Multigigabit Ethernet
Flexible Stacking
Layer 7 Visibility
Layer 3 Scalability
Voice & Video QoS
Network Topology
Remote Live Tools
Enterprise Security

  • Layer 2 switches
  • Layer 3 switches
  • Aggregation switches
Cloud Managed Communications:

Meraki MC offers all the essentials for your voice communication needs.

Feature includes:
Centralized Cloud Management
Large, High Resolution Display
Contact + Phone Integration
Visual Voicemail
Network Integration
Interactive Voice Response
Wideband Audio
Easy Onboarding

System Manager:

Systems Manager offers a complete robust feature set supporting the needs of MDM customers as well as business critical requirements for enterprise environments.

Feature includes:
Centralized Cloud Management
Network Settings Deployment
Device Location
App Deployment
Remote Troubleshooting
Device & Data Restrictions
Rapid Provisioning
Network Integration

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