Email Security Solutions

The Need for Email Security Solutions

Email has emerged out as a significant part of the internet system in the present world. It is a convenient medium through which corporate sectors continually carry out their business communication and share important data. The ever-growing popularity has also enabled hackers to use email as an attack vector. Over the past few years, phishing emails have become quite common. However, they still continue to exploit even the most experienced professionals. This is plainly because the attachments in these emails are designed to look legitimate and prod an individual to click on them.

The malware sent through these attacks can be utterly destructive. The damage can bring down the reputation of your company to an end. As a result, secure email services have become unavoidable.

Attackers are smart. It is not always the malware inside the attachments that should be a cause for concern. Phishing emails can also trick a professional into sharing sensitive information by posing as a trusted individual or firm/organization. In addition, these emails may also instill a sense of urgency, trapping the recipient into sending the information without doing a background check.

Such emails usually try to steal sensitive information by demanding login information, bank account numbers, credit card information or passwords. Any such leak can be hazardous to your firm.

Are you willing to take such huge risks? Or will you take a smart step and opt for secure email services instead?
Email Security

With Cisco Email Security Solutions Your Worries Can Rest in Peace

Advanced Malware Protection

Protection Against Advanced Malware

Cisco Advanced Malware Protection shields your network from malicious emails and ransomware infested phishing emails

Move to Cloud

Conveniently Shift to Cloud

With your data on the cloud, there is no risk of compromised onsite data center footprint while you enjoy a great protection against alarming email threats

Cisco Talos

Unparalleled Threat Intelligence

With security definitions dynamically updating every 3 to 5 minutes, Cisco Talos is undeniably a superior threat intelligence team safeguarding your emails all round the clock

Vulnerability Against Latest Threats

Diminish Vulnerability To Latest Threats

Cisco Email Security solutions not just protect your business from inbound threats, but also control and encrypt the outgoing emails that may carry sensitive information.

Embrace Agility and Augment Resources

Embrace Agility and Augment Resources

With the investigation and response time considerably minimized with real-time information, you may utilize the efforts to improvise on your resources.

Deployment Options

Cisco Email Security Solutions are extremely flexible to suit your personal requirements impeccably.

Cloud Email Security


With no onsite infrastructure involved, your organization can benefit from comparatively lowers costs and enjoy co-management. You must have 100 users to opt for cloud

Hybrid Email Security


A hybrid model works best for organizations who wish to migrate to cloud in phases. It allows them to utilize their on-premise deployment during the process.

Virtual Email Security


This deployment option utilizes a software version that runs on a VMware ESXi hypervisor as well as Cisco UCS servers.

On Premise Email Security

On Premise

If you would like to keep it in-house, you may choose from the different versions of our email security appliances to fit the size of your organization.

At the same time, you may choose to change the number of cloud and on-premise users if the need arises anytime. Our team can assist you figure what works best for you.

Some Quick FAQs

Is Cisco Email Security viable for multiple devices?

Yes. It does offer multiple device support and therefore you can embrace security across all your desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

What if my network has already been compromised?

Cisco Email Security helps to safeguard your systems and users from email based threats by offering a protectio before the attack, during the attack and also after the attack. With continuous file retrospection to identify malicious malware that slip past parameter defences, it eliminates the threat before it can deal severe damage.

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