Integrated Datacenter Solutions



In the era of disruptive technologies and changing economic trends, enterprises are encountering customers who demand prompt services. By reducing service times, enterprises can gain a competitive advantage, which in turn forces them to reconsider their organizational and operational priorities. Enterprise data center is a decisive component which enables organizations to transform their infrastructure and consequently meet organizational objectives. The data centers must support the agile infrastructure by leveraging cloud and virtualization technology, software-defined infrastructure, and automation.

Consolidation allows enterprises better control of their data center assets and is the key to speed, agility, and minimized risks. IT leaders must undertake a cost-benefit analysis prior to consolidation, which helps assess the existing infrastructure.For over 6+ years, Proactive has been proactively handling data center consolidation projects by tapping into the state-of-art tools and robust industrialized methodologies for data center virtualization, migration, cloud assessment, hybrid cloud deployment, and transitions based on Cisco Data Center 2.0 Framework.Data center consolidation is a common consideration for organizations that plan to reduce the size of a single facility or merge one or more facilities in order to reduce overall operating costs and reduce IT footprint but it is much more than that we at Proactive understand that well and ensure complete and seamless migration of applications and infrastructure to New generation Consolidated Data center built on Proven and tested Cisco, Dell EMC , VmWare, Microsoft technologies.


Converged Infrastructure

Enterprise IT teams are often faced with an unprecedented number of alternative approaches to achieve the goals of converging the infrastructure. At one end are using a large, public cloud for some applications such as websites and web apps, and at the other end is the DIY approach of building out their own internal private cloud by cobbling together traditional infrastructure components with cloud management software. Sitting in between these two extremes are converged infrastructure solutions, which are another approach to creating private clouds. Dell EMC’s VCE is an example of a converged infrastructure private cloud solution. In practice, most companies will have a hybrid approach that combines public and private clouds.

Converged infrastructure operates by grouping multiple information technology (IT) components into a single, optimized computing package. Components of a converged infrastructure may include servers, data storage devices, networking equipment and software for IT infrastructure management, automation and orchestration.From factory-built, pre-validated systems for mission-critical applications and mixed workloads, to hyper-converged appliances, Proactive’s Converged Infrastructure portfolio provides an unmatched selection of solutions to take your IT team to the next level and bring products to market faster.


Hyper converged Infrastructure

Proactive’s Hyper-converged solution allows the integrated technologies to be managed as a single system through a common toolset. Hyper-converged systems can be expanded through the addition of nodes to the base unit. Hyper-convergence grew out of the concept of converged infrastructure. Under the converged infrastructure approach, a vendor provides a pre-configured bundle of hardware and software in a single chassis with the goal of minimizing compatibility issues and simplifying management. If required, however, the technologies in a converged infrastructure can be separated and used independently. The technologies in a hyper-converged infrastructure, however, are so integrated that they can not be broken down into separate components.

Hyper-convergence infrastructure system is largely software-defined with tightly-integrated compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources. This stands in contrast to a traditional converged infrastructure, where each of these resources is typically handled by a discrete component that serves a singular purpose. Proactive’s distinguished team ensures that customer get the right sized and optimal solution to meet up their Business challenges. Our Teams have mastered the art of migrating customers existing infrastructure to hyper converged platform from the traditional and conventional set ups. Complete Seamless Migration of application workloads and infrastructure is assured.



  • Cisco HyperFlex
  • VxRail
  • VSAN Ready
  • Nodes
  • Solidfire
  • Vlock
  • Flexpod

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