Cloud Security

The technology market world-wide is migrating to Cloud and running most of the important applications on cloud infrastructure. The cloud has become a regular part of life for all businesses; whether private or public. Studies show that by 2018, 31 percent of all data will be stored in public cloud servers and 69 percent will be in private cloud servers.

3 best things about cloud security

Best Coverage

  • Protect all devices on your network (managed & unmanaged BYOD, IOT, etc.)
  • Protect laptops on and off your VPN
  • Simplest security to deploy everywhere

Best Protection

  • Stop threats across all ports and protocols
  • Stop threats before they reach your network or endpoints
  • Access intelligence about malware, ransomware, domains, and IPs across the internet
  • Easily integrate with your existing security stack

Best Performance

  • No added latency or need to proxy every connection
  • 100% uptime & availability

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