Top Five Reasons why SMBs are Moving Towards Cloud Computing

Small and Mid-Sized businesses (SMBs) have now realized the potential of cloud computing technology. The economic subscription plan and ‘pay as you use’ model has made them capable enough to compete with business giants. With limited money, SMBs play high-stake games today. According to Gartner, the cloud computing models are set to affect more than $1 Trillion in IT spending by 2020. Whopping isn’t it!

With so much to gain, the cloud computing has become popular among SMBs in particular. The cloud computing infrastructure is easy to set up and use. And if you have the right cloud computing provider, your life is easy further.

Here are top five advantages of cloud computing and why SMBs are flocking to it:

Cost Effective Architecture: Real value for all your money!

Most businesses feel burdened by Capital Expenses (CapEx) and Operating Expenses (OPEx) and they strive for multi-functional devices. Cisco’s HyperFlex HX-Series helps fulfill requirements like unification, computation, and storage—all in one system—hence it saves the cost of three devices. So, instead of buying, installing, and maintaining three systems, SMBs install one and get the best of the lot.

Automation: Be at command, at the helm!

Having a reliable automation structure in place saves a lot of time, energy, and effort. For SMBs, the automation saves a lot of man-work and improves the consistency of output. Cisco’s UCS Director for example automates, manages, and orchestrates, systems seamlessly.

Automation gives an unparalleled boost to the business. Get a cloud service provider like Proactive and let the technology work for you.

Flexibility: Be adaptable and easy!

A system’s flexibility makes it more responsive, easily deployable, and portable across platforms. SMBs look for options that give them optimum results. Cisco CloudCenter (formerly CliQr) is highly capable of deploying and managing applications in private and public cloud, and data centers. Such flexibility makes business open for more opportunities. Customers retain vendors who are flexible and Omni functional.

Emphasis on core competency: Work smart!

While all the core and basic services are taken care by cloud service provider, the focus can be there on core issues and development plans. Proactive for example runs through entire cycle from requirement analysis to maintenance. SMBs prefer an industry-leading service provider who is not only experienced but also economical. This is why providers like Proactive are preferred by many.

Mitigation of Risk factors: Peace of Mind!

SMBs are soft targets as their protection against malware is inversely proportional to threats. Cloud, on the other hand, is equipped with high-end protection and frees the subscriber from any sort of worries. Cisco offers a range of products that are well implemented by Cisco gold Partners like Proactive who start much early and support until the last mile. Your focus can be innovation while all your safety measures are maintained by the cloud computing technology.

Why a Cloud Service Provider?

Cloud computing is no more complex and you may believe that you can do it yourself. However, there are certain reasons why SMBs like to have a cloud computing partner. Some reasons are:
1. Proactive analysis of current and future requirements
2. Selection of the right service and appropriate tool
3. Adoption of low cost and high output model
4. Support for each service throughout the product’s life-cycle

Why Proactive and not the crowd?

Proactive is a proven industry leader when it comes to cloud computing technology. Being a service company, we begin by requirement analysis, move on with agile methodologies for design, development, and implementation, and then provide appropriate support to the customers. We are a Cisco Gold tier partner with ISO certification. Currently, we are catering to more than 253 prominent customers and many deals are lined up. Our round the clock support for customers is one of the USPs that set us apart from the competition.