Web Conferencing and Audio Conferencing Solutions

Web Conferencing Solutions

What makes Web Conferencing Solutions a popular pick for enterprises?

Communication has received a major uplift with the emergence of web conferencing solutions. Fore mostly, it has pulled down the business travel cost to half, making it an instant favorite among organizations spread across myriad verticals. A considerable growth in productivity is a direct advantage of web conferencing and at the same time, it has smashed down the barrier of distance. It is extremely beneficial for enterprises whereby they can connect to multiple clients and convey the relevant information in real time. It allows a swift and efficient delivery of information ensuring a streamlined communication; a critical factor deciding the functioning of any business.

Superior Web Conferencing Solutions Can Enhance Your Business Multifold

Apart from the general benefits mentioned above, a superior web conferencing solution also ensures a sturdy security. It allows you to easily collaborate from your desktops, video end points, meeting rooms or mobile devices in a quite secure manner. It offers you limitless possibilities. You can bring your colleagues, clients or partners together anywhere and begin sharing audio, video and content. The following facts further reinforces the bold statements:

Faster Decisions

Web conferences tend to conclude 73% faster than regular conferences and allows swift decision making


People claim to recall over 65% of what they see as compared to just 10% of what they hear


94% of people affirm that web conferences enhance the overall productivity and efficiency

Increase productivity on the go with Audio Conferencing Solutions

Leveraging the power of audio conferencing, Proactive is assisting businesses to reach out to geographically separated teams. Enterprises are spread across the world, but distance should not be a barrier anymore today when it comes to knowledge transfer and team work. To bridge the distances, they are in constant need of audio conferencing solutions which can enable them to carry real-time interactions, faster decision making, involve teams around the globe and even take customers on the call if required. Proactive provides solutions that are not only cost-effective but also 100% secure.

Audio Conferencing Solutions

Audio Conferencing and Web Conferencing Solutions Help Enhance Your Business Processes

web and audio conferences

Both web conferencing and audio conferencing go a long way in enhancing business process, fostering better communication and collaboration. Real time conference can be initiated by any person in any department that too without any IT team help or interference. Web conferencing solutions provide easy access, file sharing, real time data exchanges, and conferences can even be recorded & saved for future reference. Now-a-days web and audio conferencing solutions are being used across diverse business sectors like medicines, retail, hospitality, banking and finance, education and manufacturing. Looking at its call security and encryption capabilities, government officials have also begun using the solution for their confidential business meetings.

Web - Audio conferencing Solutions Come in Three Business Models:

On-Premise Conferencing

Also known as an in-house conferencing solution. Proactive will do complete implementation and maintaining of the servers placed at your premises. Just one-time installation is required, and you are ready to do all your meetings online. It is the most secure way to have conferencing as you are using your own trusted firewall to filter the internet traffic.

Cloud-Based Conferencing

A cost-effective solution which involves lowest to almost no implementation and maintenance cost. No dedicated team required, as all the backup, security and updates are done by the service provider. 100% secure solution with 99.9% uptime guarantee. You can scale up or down easily and as and when needed. Unlike other expensive solutions, Proactive offers a cloud-based conferencing solution with all features of an on-premise solution at no additional cost. Collaboration with more than a hundred people can be done within seconds.

Hybrid Conferencing

It is a combination of on-premise and hosted/cloud conferencing solution. This dramatically expands the scope of applicability and emerges as a solution that is flexible and can be deployed or scaled as a complete web conferencing solution for any enterprise. Organizations can hold training for both new and old employees, press-conferences, confidential meetings or even product launches with just a click of the button.


  • Cisco Collaboration Meeting Room (Cisco CMR)
  • Cisco WebEx
  • WebEx Teams

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