Web Security Solutions

Web Security Solutions

Should you be Worried about Web Security?

Do you have any sensitive information or any assets that your website is putting up in the public spotlight? If the answer is yes, then you need to understand that the people accessing that open web will definitely be testing your web security. Not only is your website prone to security risks, but also the network that is connected to your web servers.

The poorly written software is usually the prime hindrance to creating a secure web. In a general scenario, the number of bugs that may hamper your web security is directly proportional to the size and complexity of your web applications. The codes that allow your users a terrific experience on your website and encourage interactions also open a doorway for hackers to exploit those scripts or execute the SQL commands that can put your website under a great danger.

There is an extremely thin barrier between allowing the targeted users to access resources and documents on your website and keeping visitors with a malicious intent at bay. One cannot just flick a switch and make it happen. This is exactly where web security solutions come into play.

Secure Web Traffic with Cisco Web Security

You never know where the nasty threats may be hiding. They can be right in front of your eyes even on the most legitimate websites or in a pop-up that you simply cannot resist clicking. But what happens after such a click? It puts your firm at a grave risk.

Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) powered by Cisco Talos offers you an unwavering security against such threats by automatically blocking the risky websites and testing unknown websites before a user can access them. It is the best web security solution you can install in your organization to protect your complete network.

Cisco Web Security

The Only Web Security Solution with Complete Protection

Embrace the power of automated monitoring and analysis across your network. Cisco Web Security enables you to promptly address the threats by determining the scope of damage whenever a breach occurs. This minimizes the scope of damage and helps you get back to normal operations almost immediately.

Before Attack


During Attack


After Attack


Some Essential Features of Cisco Web Security Solutions

Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment Options

You may opt to run Web Security as a virtual machine or an appliance or even on a branch router. This allows you to scale step by step with the growth of your organization.

Automated Traffic Analysis

Automated Traffic Analysis

You can scan all the inbound and outbound web traffic in real time. With the help of dynamic reputation and behavior-based analysis, you are protected against known as well as new malware.

Complete Visibility

Complete Visibility & Control

You gain the power to control all your network and enforce granular policies for social media websites. It does not hamper the performance and is easy to operate.

Swift Identification

Swift Identification of Attacks

You enjoy the retrospective capabilities powered by Cisco AMP for Web Security, which allow you to scan for suspicious behaviors and eliminate malware on infected devices.

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