Network Security

Network Security Worries for Most of the Companies:

Unsatisfied employees stealing company's data

Users download unsafe apps or content

Ensuring Security Software is up-to-date

With the access to company's data from multiple devices, the network has to be protected all the time

Network Security Solutions

Why Do You Need Network Security Solutions If You Use Encrypted Files?

In companies where the network is essential, extra attention must be paid to security to prevent virus attacks and data theft. Using our suggested network security solutions, you can enforce your security policies and block non-compliant devices or provide only limited access.

Get protected not only before or during a malicious attack has happened but also after the attack.

Control which mobile device can access what within office network.

Behavioral Analytics tools help in differentiating abnormal network behavior and quickly remediate threats.

Assign access to the network based on role, location, endpoints and not just by mere IP address.

Using data loss prevention, protect your organization from unsafe uploading, forwarding or printing of critical info.

With IPS, not only block malicious activity but also prevent the spread of outbreaks & re-infection.

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