Structured Cabling

Structured cabling solutions of Proactive point towards the system of wiring used by organizations to facilitates easy transmission of data and information across various platforms. The effective cabling solutions allow for effective and easy transmission of video or voice information along with data transmission, which thereby forms the base of contemporary networking of information.

The highly technical processes and systems that are used in the industry today demand a reliable cabling solution which serves as mediums to execute the complex operations of the organization. At Proactive the process of cabling is carried out in an orderly manner, after thoroughly understanding the requirements and being within the stipulated time frames.
Proactive Data Systems has been an acknowledged player in the Structured Cabling industry in India. Proactive got into this business in 1995, when this business was just a beginning in India. We are amongst the first Systems Integrator for AT&T in North India. In 1998, we became a Distributor and System Integrator for Panduit Systems.

Currently, we are a Certified Systems Integrator for leading international Structured Cabling vendors such as:-

  • Systimax from CommScope, USA
  • PanNet from Panduit, USA
  • Belden products from Belden, USA
  • AMP NetConnect from Tyco Electronics, USAProactive has an in-house team of over 15 Design, Installation and Project Management Professionals who are trained for delivering certified sites for these Cabling Manufacturers. In addition, we have developed an eco-system by which we have delivered very large and complex projects, where up to 100 personnel have been simultaneously deployed to manage within project timelines.

Some salient points regarding Proactive’s Structured Cabling business are:-

  • Over 18 years of experience (first SI for AT&T in the North India)
  • UTP and Fiber Optic Cabling systems
  • Excellent experience in building cabling infrastructures for ITES enterprises, Manufacturing Plants, Education Campuses, Hotels, and large offices
  • Design skills for Data Centers in terms of cable routing, racking, documenting, etc.
  • Managed Cabling Systems
  • Design and documentation using tools such as MS Projects, MS Visio and Autocad
  • Follow Strict Quality Assurance Program – deploy latest Tools and Testing Equipment
  • Over 250 Certified Sites
  • Best business practices like Project Management, Cable Management, Labeling, etc.Being highly customer centric; our company provides solutions that are exceedingly cost effective and reliable and are able to handle complex communication networks very competently. Our systems are so designed that they can cater to the ever-evolving fast paced requirements; and coming from Proactive they are guaranteed to give you assured results.

Our professional capacities enable us to tackle all the challenges connected with wireless as well as wired networking; integrating everything into secured environments. By proving an effective foundation; we enhance ergonomics of works for our clients. That is why the name of Proactive is reliably equated to quality structured cabling solutions.


  • UTP cable boxes
  • Face plates and I/O’s
  • Jack Panels
  • Patch Cords
  • Fiber cables for outdoor and indoor applications
  • Fiber Components
  • Open Racks/Network Racks
  • Closed Racks/Server Racks
  • Riser/Multipair Cables
  • Krone Material
  • Labels

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